5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Turkey

A place like Turkey which is also known as the travel heaven or a tourist’s hotspot will give you more than a hundred reasons to visit. It is also considered to be the best countries to go backpacking. Crystalline waters, the remains of ancient empires, lofty mountains, idyllic villages, huge cosmopolitan cities—Turkey’s many aspects that make the place so unique and will continue to attract visitors a day in and out.

Here are a few reasons why Turkey should be your next vacation destination:

1. Ancient ruins

Turkey’s history is extremely rich in history and is home to numerous ancient ruins and landmarks. Each of the historical place in unique and different in its own way, it tells it’s own story and gives a rare insight into this exceptional part of the world. You can uncover one of the greatest legendary places of all time, view splendid country lanes and Trojan legend, astonished by the Library of Celsus, stroll through hill town to the impressive Temple of Trajan, look at the tomb of St. John amongst the remains of Byzantine Church and lastly, spied one of the last 7 Wonders of the World still standing.

2. Delicious turkish cuisine

Every province in Turkey has its own cuisine culture, including diverse ingredients and their formulated recipes. Turkish cuisine is much more than tasty baklava and kebab, including meze and fresh seafood, huge breakfast spreads, the world of desserts, vegetable dishes,  Ottoman classics, and more. The most appealing part would be free appetizers, bread and usually, a tea served free at the end. With Asian, Middle Eastern and European influences, Turkey has the best food you will ever savor!

3. Turkish people

Turkey has some of the most benevolent people anybody can ever come across. Turkish people won’t leave a chance to help anyone out and offer a cup of tea or take you out for lunch. They won’t ever leave a chance to let you be alone, be it at the bus stop or at the beach, conversations never end at Turkey. They are known for their profound hospitality and the time spent with them is truly enriching. From their phenomenal cooking skills to learning the importance of family and friendship, Turkish people indeed have endearing qualities that will make you feel like home.

4. Beautiful beaches

Flaunting a sparkling coastline and splendid beaches like Oludeniz’s blue lagoon, it’s no wonder that Turkey is famous for its beach and resort destination. The tranquil waters of the Mediterranean Sea, postcard-perfect beaches, and a spectrum covering exciting beach parties are the reasons why Turkish beaches are worth visiting. Before getting on a plane to this Mediterranean paradise, you need to map down the best beaches you would like to cover in 5-7 days of your visit.

5. Take a dip in the Turkish Bath

Hamam baths are ancient practices of rejuvenation and should be on everyone’s to-do list. These traditional spectacular ancient bathhouses have been around for over a decade. After a dip into this Turkish bath, your skin is sure to grow like never before and cleansing of your skin process is truly unbelievable. There are two options you can choose to do- either scrub down yourself or have a masseuse give you a special experience.

With Turkey being a sun and sea lover’s paradise and Turkey’s architecture, history, accommodation, shopping spree, culture, beach, and the Hamam experience is sure to make you fall in this land. If you like to get off the beaten path or interested in exploring some ancient ruins, if you are more into the huge cities, the Mediterranean or hiking, then this paradise land will give you the whole package and you will stand in awe watching the Wonders of turkey.

Published By : Kerul Shah