5 Reasons Why Your Next Staycation Should Be In Sri Lanka

If beautiful beaches, huge waves, lofty mountains, enormous elephants, fierce leopards, giant whales, a royal past, home grown tea and friendly smiles could describe a country in a nutshell, it would be Sri Lanka. With many locations and sceneries bottled up in to a petite island, a voyager could be surfing on the waves in the dawn and adoring the green veiled mountains by dusk.

The present name of Sri Lanka was settled in 1972, when the area became a completely republic. Lanka is taken from the former name which means ‘island’, and linked with Sri which means ‘resplendent’. So, Sri Lanka in its literal sense is Resplendent Island.

The Sri Lankan journey has several hidden gems waiting to be discovered and explored and many stories waiting to be heard by people of all tastes and preferences. Here are few reasons why you should book your next staycation to this mind-blowing destination..

1. Beach mode on

sri lanka coastline

Sri Lanka is outlined in white if you look from space because of its beaches that fence the island. It’s hard to travel across the coast side of the island without passing by a sandy beach and a stunning stretch of golden sand. This beautiful island country is no short of natural beauty. It is a flock of islands where you can soak in the sun while slurping a rejuvenating cocktail on the beaches and get the best natural tan. Such scenic views of the sandy shores are sure to make you revisit the beautiful coastline of this country.

2. Jump into the wild

adventures in sri lanka

Sri Lanka is known to be one of the best all round destinations for wildlife tourism with a mix of marine life, varied landscape, wild elephants, leopards, colorful peacocks, friendly sambar deer, toque macaques, whales, sea turtles and many more packed into a compact area with amazing infrastructure. The natural habitat is in its true bounty. The world’s first ever reserve, Mihintale, was created in the 3rd Century BC in Sri Lanka which now has led to the creation of over 100 reserves.

3. Pay tribute to the Buddhist legends

temples in sri lanka

Having a deep and rich footprint in the history of Hindu and Buddhist religion, Sri Lanka takes pride in the countless Buddhist temples seen throughout the country which are truly magnificent. Each and every temple is filled with sacred stories and timeless tales which are home to legends of the past. If you are intrigued by fascinating fables, this country is sure to evoke a sense of wonder and mystery throughout the trip.

4. Dive into the water adventure

adventure sports

Sri Lanka will fascinate you with its splendid views, archaic ruins & impeccable beaches, and leave you breathless, for sure. But, if you are done travelling the lands and wish to dip into the waters, there are excellent things for you in its store. From surfing through the huge waves to snorkeling in the deep blue sea, there are many water adventures in the country that’ll leave you with choices difficult to pick from. So, if your plan is to visit Sri Lanka, make sure you indulge in water activities for an experience like never before!

5. Sri Lanka is tea-rrific

tea plantation in sri lanka

The central zone of Sri Lanka has the ideal ecosystem for raising high-quality tea. The 1st ever tea plant arrived in 1824 from China, as an ornamental plant for a botanical garden and the rest is Ceylon Tea history. Tea is the most refreshing choice for most of the people, and having it in a home grown country; you can definitely expect a hot pot with a flavorsome brew and aroma of the flavored tea all over the place

This jewel shaped country amidst the Indian Ocean has so much to offer, from verdant landscape, famous delicacies, abundant wildlife to special home grown tea. Being a small country with little geographical space, Sri Lanka is truly a powerful punch and worth visiting.

Published By : Kerul Shah