Reasons Why You Should Visit Santorini Right Away!

“Palm trees, ocean breeze, salty air, sun kissed hair. That endless Santorini summer, take me there! “

If the Greek Islands were a box of colors, Santorini would be the rainbow. Bright white houses spread like pearls across the side of the hill, turquoise blue seas and scintillating golden sunsets. It is known as the most visually-appealing of the Greek islands. Whether you have an eye for photography or just really appreciate outstanding views, Santorini will get you gasping at just about every nook and corner. Located in the midst of the Aegean Sea and commonly known for its ancient vineyards and volcanic beaches, here are 5 chief reasons to visit this gorgeous island- right away.

1. Beach vibes only

santorini beaches

The island of Santorini is also home to unusual black sand beaches where it’s possible to swim in crystalline water and relax under palm shades. Some of the best beaches in Santorini are Perissa and Kamari. Both of these are black sand beaches and are home to heaps of cafés, lounges, bars, and mountains ascent up above the waters. This place will charm you up with its unique geological formations of unusual rock formations and idyllic white sand. Moreover, the beaches offer opportunities for water sports enthusiasts like diving, waterskiing wind-kiting and banana-boating and tanning and chilling for the lazy bones.

2. Architectural wonder

greece architecture

One thing that makes Santorini truly stand out on wanderlust accounts is that attractive Cycladic architecture which is distinctively splendid. Milky white walls, blue domed eglise, cube houses and cobbled alleys that make the island almost like a dream land! This Santorini architecture is absolutely a visual treat and the buildings indeed speak for themselves.

3. Wine, sunset and cheese!

Santorini is not only one of the most spectacular places with plenty of restaurants and bars to drink wine in, but also with little old men on the alley selling their handcrafted wine in plastic water bottles. It shouldn’t be surprising on this island since it has been making wine for over 3000 years now. It is one of the few self-rooted vineyards in the world with over forty native varieties of grapes. Making good wine is a skill but making fine wine is an art which Santorini excels in.

4. Ride off into the breathtaking sunset

sunset in santorini greece

In Santorini, it is impossible to watch a sunset and not visualize it as a dream! The sun just seems to dip into the sea in a haze of auric and amber. Move towards the Caldera in Oia for some of the jaw dropping views of the sea, island, and sunset beyond. Other great spots in the world-famous town include the stunning outdoor terrace at the Red Bicycle Restaurant and the Santorini windmills where you can enjoy traditional Greek food served with a modern twist. The sun’s fiery kiss to the night makes the setting of the sun romantically beautiful.

5. Romance is in the air

greece the best honeymoon destination

Together with your beloved, in Santorini, is indeed a beautiful place to be. Mouthwatering delicacies, private hot tubs, beautiful hotels, golden sunsets and incredibly scenic views will set the mood for a romantic getaway to kick in. Santorini is honestly the ideal place for romance. Hazel Sunsets, luscious wine, beautiful architectural buildings, all of these things ensure that Santorini is the place for sweethearts. Seeing all the blissful-looking couples having their photographs taken against such stunning backdrops may give you a negative vibes, but don’t you worry, Santorini has something in its store for every one of you’ll.

6. Lights, Camera and Archaeology

architectural sites in santorini

If you’re fascinated by archaeology, then the Akrotiri excavations are truly compelling and unmissable- they’re said to be one of the most important prehistoric settlements in the world. This is a town that was destroyed back in 3600 BC by the volcanic ash from an earthquake. Santorini has been suffering earthquakes since then, with the biggest being one in 1965. The town of Mesa Gonia was left and was called as a ghost town which is open for tourists to visit. One can wander through the deserted alleys and its main inhabitants, the wild cats. Santorini can be called a mystery in itself.

Being one of the most photogenic islands on the planet, one should take the chance to visit Santorini to make the most of it. So book your trip to Santorini right away to live with no excuses and travel with zero regrets.

Published By : Kerul Shah