River Cruising From Dusk Till Dawn

Imagine sailing on a voyage along inland waterways, at a gentle pace, soaking up the scenery, with plentiful opportunities to explore riverside towns and cities en route with exceptional delicacies and fascinating company

Who wouldn’t love to be on such cruise by the river and take wanderlusting to a whole different level?

We, at the Vacation Connection, give you an opportunity to explore the cities and towns in the most diverse ways. A river cruise in the most hassle-free and cost-effective way to experience multiple destinations all on one trip.

Here are few reasons that will convince you to go on a river cruise for your next trip!

  1. Travel All, Unpack Once

What if you could unpack only once and travel all over? How satisfying and stress free would that be?
River cruising has the potential to make ‘Travel all, Unpack once’ truly possible. When your floating hotel moves with you, sailing from city to city, and country to country, becomes effortless.If you were to step inside the lovely studio room, you may find this saying the most accurate ‘throw the over packed suitcase in the corner of the room once and for all.’ You can then wander off to different cities without worrying about packing, lugging around aforementioned over packed suitcase, transportation, finding your next room, and so on. River cruises simply makes travelling comfortable and seamless.

  1. Delicious Dining experience in a Rooftop lounge

Every meal, be it breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, will be held in the same place but with in a different city with each meal. It’s a combination of living the beach life along with discovering a new city and cuisines. You can grab a drink and meet buddies on the top deck, where the glass enclosed room disappears into the floor and creates an open-air hangout. With a casual dining venue and lounge seating, we bet that the rooftop lounge will give the best view in the house and the spot to meet new friends or listen to a local guest. The ships feature a full-service restaurant serving farm-to-table cuisine inspired by the culinary style of the places you’ll visit

  1. Wake up to a different view every day

After a spectacular meal, one would definitely need a cozy bed to doze off in for a beauty sleep. Waking up to a wonderful morning would refresh and rejuvenate you in an astonishing way. The views from your bed won’t fail to surprise you. You will wake up in anticipation that something great is going to happen today and go to bed with pure contentment.

When your waterfront hotel is also your bar, taxi, yoga studio, favorite restaurant and nightclub, travel becomes a bit more carefree and a lot more agreeable.

On-board, you can expect everything you would find in your favorite boutique hotel. But here’s the best part-the floating boutique hotel makes it extra-accessible to visit several destinations in a single trip while only having to unload once.

We assure you that once you are on board with us, the river cruise experience will be truly Hunky-dory experience that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Published By : Kerul Shah