This Time For Africa – The Ultimate Adventure

South Africa – a land that offers an astounding array of contrasts: from golden beaches, excellent wineries, dramatic coastlines, the majestic Victoria Falls, vast savanna grasslands and snow clad mountains!

From gorgeous weather, amazing beaches, affordability, delicious wine and food, vast wildlife, and breathtaking scenery everywhere you go, you name it and South Africa has it all.

From mountain treks to safaris – here’s a list of the best things to do in South Africa for the iconic experiences that you shouldn’t miss.

1. Local food markets

Eat like a local to be a local and experience the culture in its most raw form. You will find great, giant food markets where you can skim through and buy ingredients to cook your own savory meal.

2. Go surfing

Africa’s coastline is establishing itself as one of the world’s top destinations since it has one of the most enormous and gigantic waves in the world. Whether it’s the Mediterranean glamour of Cape Town or the Arabian heritage of Kenya and Tanzania, avid surfers have been drawn to the dramatic coastline of Africa to hit the beach and paddle out.

3. See wily little African penguins

Spot the cutest African penguin colony at Boulders Beach in Cape Town. Watch this endangered species in awe while they waddle and play in their coastal home.

4. Cable car to top of table mountain

Cape Town has so much to do, but you can’t miss the gigantic, flat-topped Table Mountain. Catch the rotating from the flat-topped mountain that offers a breathtaking view of the tip of the continent. Enthusiasts can hike their way to the top; the rest will opt for a picturesque ride via the cableway.

5. Head out Chapman’s peak

Step down for the breathtaking view from atop the mountain peak where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet. The drive to Cape Point is simply beautiful and will immerse you in a captivating experience.

5. Spot the big 5

Get a pen to cross off the things in your bucket list because you will experience the top most incredible wildlife experiences and phenomena of the continent. In Kruger National Park you’ll obtain the chance to spot the Big 5 (lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and Cape buffalo) which truly is a once in a lifetime moment and bucket list worthy.

7.Take a peek at the bourke’s luck potholes

Raging waters have shaped this pretty cool geological marvel into stunning natural potholes. Brace yourselves with your photographic skills for a scenic view that you can take it all in by passing through the specially built walkways and bridges for visitors.

The checklist for South Africa has no end to it. So, whether you’re looking to meet interesting people, horseback riding or game viewing, go hiking, getting lunch at a scenic restaurant or lazily laying at the beach, this country truly has it all. South Africa provides great window for those who prefer an outdoor lifestyle and broadens your vision up to diverse culture all over the place.

Visit Africa at least once in your lifetime for the adventure is indeed worth its while!

Published By : Kerul Shah