When In Doubt, Pedal It Out

It’s only by riding a bike that makes you learn the hidden gems of the country in the best way!

Travelling and exploring is about being in the place rather than just passing through it. And to truly know the country and be local one must go on a cycling trip. Because when in doubt, always pedal it out!

Riding from place to place, usually carrying everything with you and spending a holiday exploring contemporary parts of the world in infinite detail is what cycling will offer you. There are infinite reasons why you should load up your cycle, grab an old school map, and head down the straight open road.

Here are few best reasons why you should do go pedaling and ride wherever the destination takes you:

  1. Commit to be fit

Cycling is an easy form of exercise for almost everyone. Cycling increases cardiovascular fitness, increased muscle strength and flexibility which are useful to reach to great heights on mountains or to reach peaks for an unforgettable view. So, cycling will not only make you fit and healthy but also will take you on a quest of a lifetime.

  1. Cycling is a therapy

Cycling is truly better than medication and cheaper than a therapist. The feeling of going on an adventure, the delight and the light wind petting the skin of my face and arms can’t be described in words. One needs to experience the joy rather than just hearing about it. It’s a proven scientific fact that regular cycling can reduce feelings of depression and anxiety and diminish stress levels to a great extent. After a tedious month, all you need is a cycling trip to release all the tension and be free spirited again. Isn’t life just like riding a bicycle? You must keep moving to stay balanced!

  1. Unwind and Refresh Yourself

All you need is you, your cycle and an open road. You can either cycle just in the neighborhood or you can go the extra mile and explore the entire city that is at your disposal. Persisting the latter isn’t just evidence that you are fit enough to last throughout the day, but also patient and determined that you will complete any given task. Cycling can be daunting, but it can be quite delightful too. The satisfaction and relief derived from fitness filled cycling trip can truly gratifying for health freaks

  1. New friends and new adventures on your way

Cycling surely doesn’t require any special skill or ability, just a great sense of direction will take you places. Unexplored areas, hidden gems, foreign lands can be discovered and unraveled and not to mention, the unexpected stranger turned buddies that come your way. Come rain or sunshine, cycling trips will never fail to surprise you with its legendary adventures. Because of getting to know so many people that you experience, who knows, you might even turn into a storyteller some day.

  1. Go the eco way

Two wheels and a bottle of water to keep you hydrated are the only two things that you are in need of to be with and around nature. This way you won’t even harm the nature by burning gases in the vehicles but you can be one with nature. To listen and understand the poetry of earth and its little natural wonders, cycling tour is a must. This eco-way is not just beneficial to your individual physical health, but also benefits the world. If you have already been on a cycling trip, we thank you for taking a step towards a greener tomorrow.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single pedal. Come rain or shine, we promise we won’t be taking a rain check. With so many benefits of going on a cycling trip, we are sure you will be convinced till now. Hope to see you on the next trip of The Vacation Connection for loads of fun and pedaling!

Published By : Kerul Shah