Why Europe Should Be The First Place On Your Bucket List

From the serenity of Cinque Terre to the romance of Florence, here is all that you need to know about Mediterranean Quest, the ultimate adventure to Europe!

Europe is the home to many spectacular landscapes, rich cultural heritage, exotic adventures, gastronomical delights and architectural wonders. We are here to help you out with the perfect European holiday along with these experiences that you shouldn’t miss.

1. Chronicles of Europe

There are a myriad of historical landmarks in the list of Heritage places that one can visit in Europe. It’s a land of historical experience that comes alive when you pass by it. These towns are living, breathing souvenirs of the past filled with chronicles just waiting to be heard and so much to offer. You can walk up the Acropolis and think as Socrates, you could march into the battlefield of Normandy or you could get lost along the cobblestone walkways of Prague. Historical adventures are spread all over the Continent, wherever you go.

2. A gourmet’s paradise

If you’ve dreamt about eating your way through Europe, you’ve got company. From rich stews and ravioli’s in the Balkans, to delectable cheeses, to seafood in the Mediterranean, the continent is a gourmet’s fantasy. Every state comes with its own specialty and these dishes are not only delicious, but tell a story about the country’s background, traditions and people. Walk with us as we unravel the hidden food gems through Europe’s gastronomical arena, one country and quintessential food at a time.

3. Bring to light the shopaholic in you

Europe, in particular, is a fashion heritage, going back to Marie Antoinette and Queen Elizabeth. It is home to major fashion icons from Coco Chanel, Dior to Yves Saint Laurent. The legacy in fashion can be dates back to the inception of Haute Couture in the 18th century. Europe boasts some of the most amusing shopping avenues and plazas your eyes will ever behold. There you have it fashionistas all of your wildest dreams can come true in Europe!

4. Unearth the culture trip

No wonder that Europe is so rich in its culture. Given birth to the well-known thinkers and artists like Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci, Van Gogh, Monet, Manet, Munch, Dali and also some of the greatest writers such as Cervantes, Baudelaire and Shakespeare, Europe has given the world a new perception, a new way of seeing the world through the eyes of these great men. Adding on, one would also find one of the finest theaters, art museums, beautiful landscapes that inspired famous paintings. If you are looking for a culturally rich trip, Europe is definitely the place to be!

5. Get on the public transport and get going

European countries are a perfect example of flawless urban planning to get public transport under control which makes getting around so darn easy! Explorers can enjoy a wide range of sights in a relatively short amount of time. You can travel from one end of the place to another swiftly and still manage to come back home to relax.

6. Breathtaking Views

The Europe attractions are not the ones to hold back!  We know it’s hard to choose from the snow-capped mountains of the Swiss Alps, chasing waterfalls in Bosnia, golden charm of the Italian coastline, to staying awake till the midnight sun rises in Finland, and hiking your way through the dramatic Dolomite.  Europe is filled with stunning and most astonishing views. You are bound to stand in awe at the beauty that wraps you, no matter where your European trails take you

Europe is truly a land that has it all. All we can say is leave your footprints all over the European continent and take only memories that you can cherish.

Published By : Kerul Shah