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“The gladdest moment in human life is a departure into unknown lands.” – Sir Richard Burton

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“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” -Gustav Flaubert

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  • $ 1999
  • 8 Days
  • Max People: NA
  • Wifi Available Yes
  • Jan 18’ - Dec 19'
  • Frankfurt Airport

We’re just being frank here, but Frankfurt is effortlessly cool and the perfect lead in for this 8-day adventure.This booming metropolis is a concrete paradise with a unique German charm. You’ll get well acquainted during a night walk with your U hosts. Miltenberg, Würzburg, Bamberg and Nuremberg will certainly live up to the hype as well. We suggest an excursion to a fairytale castle, a bike trip along the Main river, and a Nuremberg culinary tour. Discover the best of Deutschland on one amazing vacation.

Departure / Return Location
Frankfurt To Regensburg(Germany)
Departure Time
Please arrive at least 2 hours before the flight.
Price Includes
  • 3 included meals daily
  • 2 dedicated U Hosts
  • Included excursions
  • U Time optional excursions
  • Local DJ set

Day 1 : Departure-Frankfurt

INCLUDED NIGHT OUT - GERMANY'S MELTING POT (PM) Arrive in the heart of the city and follow your host on a short orientation walk. Afterward, it’s off to the races! Experience Frankfurt, a cosmopolitan city built upon contrasts. Eat, drink and be merry in the traditional Ebbelwoi bars in Sachsenhausen. Then class it up and dance through the posh clubs in the banking district. Frankfurt is made up of people from 180 different nations. Wealthy bankers, college students and granola drop-outs coexist in a city home to some of the highest, most avant-garde skyscrapers in all of Europe. Everybody belongs, and there’s plenty of fun to go around.


INCLUDED - CHOICE OF 'BIKE THE BERGS' OR 'MILTENBERG CASTLE HIKE' (PM) This morning you have your choice of one of these fun excursions in Miltenberg: 1) BIKE THE BERGS: Experience the best of Bavaria on two wheels! This bike tour starts off along the red sandstone shores of Miltenberg. Ride along lakes and nature reserves as you follow the Main to Freudenberg. One of the region’s smallest towns, Freudenberg was built directly on a mountain sitting underneath castle ruins. Explore the town and hopefully spot some local animals before riding back to the ship; OR 2) MILTENBERG CASTLE HIKE: Put your hiking shoes on and get to steppin. Follow the old Roman paths that lead through the Odenwald Forest to the castle fortress of Miltenberg. Dating back to the late 12th century, this castle was damaged during the Margrave Wars and the Thirty Years War. Today, it has been transformed into a museum holding both classic and contemporary art. We hear the views from the keep can’t be missed!


INCLUDED NIGHT OUT - WÜRZBURG’S LIVING ROOM (PM) Munch on German cuisine and mingle with locals on the Old Main Bridge, a very homey gathering place. People sip Franconian wines and enjoy performances from local musicians and street artists. If you’re feeling adventurous, follow your host to the famous steep vineyards or surrounding landmarks like the Würzburg Cathedral and the Marienberg Fortress. U TIME - BAROQUE PALACE (PM) Go for baroque with a visit to the Würzburg Residence, famous for its grand staircase, hall of mirrors and ginormous ceiling fresco (larger than the Sistine Chapel’s).


INCLUDED - TASTE OF WÜRZBURG (AM) Attention, foodies: Rise early and follow your chef to the Green Market in Würzburg, Germany. The city prides itself on having the highest number of organic farms and slow food producers in the region. Educate your taste buds by trying regional products and goods including bratwurst, sourdough rye bread and cheeses. Experience local biodiversity and artisanal food production while you shop. The market is in the heart of the city next to the Marienkapelle, providing an authentic local experience. You can’t miss it. U TIME - BEAUTIFUL ROTHENBURG (AM) Venture along the Romantic Road to what might well be the prettiest town in Germany, Rothenburg, which you can explore however you wish. Don’t miss the Medieval Crime Museum—genuinely creepy and well worth a visit, trust us.


INCLUDED - THE GOOD LIFE OF BAMBERG (AM) Lace up your walking shoes and come thirsty. Bamberg, Germany is an old-timey town spread over seven hills and widely regarded as the Beer Capital of Franconia. Follow your host on a walk through old town to get your bearings, then let the good times roll. Stop by a local brewery that serves Bamberg’s famous smoked beer. Shop until you drop in the Antiques Quarter. Eat authentic Franconian cuisine at Messerschmitt. Locals of Bamberg rave about the living quality of their city. This is your chance to find out if they’re on to something. U TIME - DID U SAY BEER? (AM) Little known fact—Germany’s Franconian region is home to one-third of the country’s breweries, with more than 400 beers just waiting to be tasted by you. You may never think about beer the same way again after this heady experience. U TIME - PADDLE POWER (PM) Canoe or kayak the Main and Pegnitz Rivers on an outdoor adventure that fully immerses you in Germany’s dramatic natural beauty. U TIME - HANG ON (PM) The area around Bamberg is a rock climber’s paradise. Get your gravity-defying fix on one of over 6,500 (!) established routes.


INCLUDED - NUREMBERG CITY WALK (AM) Explore some of Nuremberg’s absolute must-do’s on this U Host guided city walk. You’ll make your way to the Alstadt, Nuremberg’s historic old town filled with some of the finest dining establishments in the entire country, then pay visits to some of the coolest points of interest such as Schöner Brunnen and St. Lorenz Church. U TIME - SITES OF WWII: NUREMBERG (AM) Learn all about Nuremberg’s dark past on a guided tour of top WWII sites, including the Documentation Center and the site of the famous post-war Nuremberg Trials.


INCLUDED - MEDIEVAL REGENSBURG (PM) Regensburg, Germany is a Bavarian city nestled along the Danube River. Revel in 2,000 years of medieval history on an hour-long, host-escorted stroll through the city’s well-preserved Old Town. Visit landmarks like Regensburg Cathedral, Porta Praetoria and the famous Old Stone Bridge. Then make your way through crooked town alleys and stumbling stones before visiting the Händlmaier’s mustard store. Regensburg's got a lot. U TIME - REVVED ENGINES (PM) For many gearheads, the epicenter of German engineering is Regensburg’s high-tech BMW factory, where you can observe how the Ultimate Driving Machine is made on a fascinating tour. Follow your host on a guided tour of BMW’s impressive facilities, where you’ll walk into the middle of the action that’s setting the blueprint for the future of the automotive industry. Watch giant conveyors lift car bodies into place for automated welding by computer-controlled robots. Bear witness to the “wedding” of engines and car bodies. Observe engine installation and final assembly—remarkable displays of logistical efficiency. Whether you’re a car person or not, your mind will be blown. U TIME - REGENSBURG THROUGH THE AGES (PM) Regensburg has a fascinating history. Learn about the animal fights, reckless tightrope artists and public executions that lured people into the city streets during the Middle Ages. Watch re-enactments and hear captivating stories about the lives of executioners, street artists and other outcasts. The city, once divided by glittering wealth and bitter poverty, has come a long way.


Disembark and head off to your next adventure.

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